Ruian Enchi Electronic Co. is a dedicated producer of a broad selection of inverters. We manufacture car power inverters, marine power inverters, DC charger for motor homes, and solar power banks. These products allow you to convert the DC power of the battery in your car, boat, motor home, etc. into AC power that can be used to power your electronics. Our inverters are great for powering vital equipment like heaters and cooking equipment that you need to beat the elements, but they can also be utilized for leisure activities like powering up TVs and music devices for outdoor get togethers away from the grid.

Featured Products
    1. DC-AC Power Inverter (Pure Sine Wave Inverter) We offer pure sine wave inverters with a power range of 150 to 2500W, and a conversion efficiency of 93%. This power inverter is applicable to boats, motors, recreational vehicles (RV), trucks, camp vehicles and other applications that require a conversion from DC to AC.
    1. DC-AC Power Inverter (Modified Sine Wave Inverter) Modified sine wave inverters are used in electrical appliances, and feature a lower cost than a pure sine wave inverter, making it more popular.
    1. Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Battery Charger The pure sine wave inverter with a battery charger is capable of converting DC energy in vehicle batteries to AC energy in order to offer power to electrical appliances. Users can also access the inverter for using an AC power source to charge batteries.
    1. Modified Sinewave Power Inverter with Charger Our modified sine wave power inverter with a charger will convert normal AC power to DC power and charge your batteries, as well as convert the DC energy in batteries to an AC energy in order to charge appliance.
    1. Solar Power Bank Our solar power bank system provides a stable power source for both emergencies, and long periods of time away from a normal power source. This solar power bank is equipped with an LED indicator to inform users about the power bank’s state, as well as a dust and waterproof membrane switch, so that the power bank is applicable even in complex situations.
Application Case
  • Automobile If you need to use a microwave oven, computer, printer, fax machine and other electronic equipment during a road trip need to work on the trip, but no matched alternating current is available to power your electric appliances, this trip would be terrible. More
  • Camping When you need to be occupied in field operation, it is very difficult to use electric tools for a long time. These electric tools can’t work without electricity. Because the construction site is not fixed, sometimes these electric tools are unable to access alternating current. More
  • Marine For the most comfortable trips, your refrigerator, microwave oven, television, even air conditioning and other domestic appliances are necessary on small yachts, sightseeing boats or big ships. Even more, sometimes so as to deal with official business on the trip ... More