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How to choose a power inverter

One of the most important parameters related to your choice is its power. Appliances with different powers require different specifications of inverters to match. Thus you should be aware of the power of appliances you prepare to operate when you choose the inverter. Once the required power source of a automotive electrical appliances is 500W yet you choose an inverter with power of 300W, the inverter will be of no use.

In addition, pay attention to the various protection functions of car inverter when you choose one. Car power supplies are relatively unstable. Inverters and appliances are easily damaged with no protection functions are in place.

Our company will provide you two types of inverters: Pure sine wave inverters and modified sine wave inverters respectively. Pure sine wave inverters have a close current quality and is able to drive any facilities that have access to the city grid. Modified sine wave inverters have a relatively lower current quality than pure one but operates with higher efficiency and lower noise.