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Solar Power Banks

For people who travel or work outside for long periods of time, a battery + inverter is often not enough of a power source because battery capacities are limited. Batteries only work after they are charged, which is why we developed solar power banks for those that are away from power sources for long periods of time. Our solar power banks combine photovoltaic technology and inverter production technology in order to convert solar power into electricity through solar panels, and store that energy in batteries. Users can access the solar power bank directly when needed, and the power bank is capable of converting DC batteries to AC, without sacrificing a stable output voltage. The current waveform is consistent with city power grids, ensuring there is no damage to devices used. The power bank generates no emission and no costs, because it uses solar energy as the power source. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how long you are outside, so long as there is access to sunlight, users will have a steady supply of power for their electrical devices.

Two types of solar power banks produced by us are illustrated below. For more information, click on the included link, or contact us directly.

    1. Multipurpose Solar Power BankA 200W built-in inverter for charging multiple electrical appliances, one AC socket, three DC 1A LED sockets, two USB sockets and two DC 12V cigar-lighter sockets which can both charge the internal batteries and be used as outer DC output sockets.
    1. Solar Power BankOur solar power bank system provides a stable power source for both emergencies, and long periods of time away from a normal power source. This solar power bank is equipped with an LED indicator to inform users about the power bank’s state, as well as a dust and waterproof membrane switch, so that the power bank is applicable even in complex situations.
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